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This service includes custom web development, web and mobile app development, website refreshes with more than 5 pages, and any other multifaceted development project unless otherwise noted.

Our Method

To ensure the best possible outcome for all parties involved, we provide a method of web development from start to finish that aims to establish solid expectations, deliverables, scope, and budget.

Development Method Summary

Consultation - Recorded call to discuss project scope.
Conception - Recorded follow up, include teams, discuss deliverables.
Discovery - Outline of deliverables e.g. wireframes, design, dependencies, estimated timeline.
Development - Workflow and execution of project scope.


We will provide a 30 minute recorded consultation at no cost. If our consultation exceeds 30 minutes, we will begin billing at $75/hr; a 45 minute consultation will cost less than $20 ($18.75).
During this consultation the project details and scope will be discussed with an account manager. We will gather details, address initial concerns, ask questions, and take notes. At the end of our consultation, we will suggest a recorded follow up to discuss conception with our project manager and any additional team as needed.


With our Project Manager onboard




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