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The following terms of service and liability are an addendum to the standard Terms of Service provided at

Time Estimates

The following terms apply to any “time estimate” provided by a representative of our agency:
Time estimates are not legally binding contracts.
Time estimates are not promises to deliver services.
Time estimates are our best guess on how long a project will take.
Time estimates at a consultation phase may vary from time estimates provided post conception or discovery.
Time estimates are not an offer to do a project at a specified time / price.
Adopt the Web will work diligently to ensure time estimates are met as accurately as possible.

Data Security

Adopt the Web does not guarantee the security of data outside of its direct control. This includes, but is not limited to the following:
Documents shared via email
Documents shared via Google Drive et al
Websites, web apps, staging sites without redundant backups enabled and running
Information shared on third party sites

Our own policy entails enforcing 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) for access to email, document drives, and project boards. However, in situations where a third-party such as a digital marketing agency shares email, documents, and other forms of communication, we cannot actively enforce our internal policy. We do not guarantee the security of third-party information in such cases and cannot be held liable for any breach or loss of data.

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