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Communication with our clients is a top priority. Without effective and consistent communication our team will not be able to deliver on actionable services in a capacity that best serves your business. As such, we work hard to organize our efforts and ease your input by utilizing third-party tools outlined below.

We utilize for it’s visual, easy, and intuitive interface. Every task performed related to our services and deliverables are tracked, monitored and used for billing purposes.
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General Information

Our project board is used for three primary functions:
Internal task tracking of workflow
Client access to project workflow
Billable time tracking
Not all of our clients have a dedicated project board.If a project board is appropriate for your account, a manager will consult with you. If you would like to extend your accounts support to include a dedicated project board, please contact us.
There are three types of project boards:
Dedicated Client Project Boards
When the complexity of a project exceeds that of a smaller one-off project
When the client requests / requires access to project information
Misc Client Project Board
A singular board with client projects grouped together
Clients do not access this board
Internal Project Board
Non client related projects

Recording meetings using video conferencing and audio recording has become a vital part of our business, client and internal communication. We record and share video messages of our screen and audio input because it is faster than typing an email or meeting live.
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