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Initial Consultation
Billing Onboarding
Customer Journey Creation & Art Direction
Consolidate Content
Pictures / video
Social Media URLs
Google Account (for analytics connection)
Customer Testimonials
Any brand or messaging documentation that we should take into consideration.
Install & Set-Up Software (i.e. WordPress) per SOP
Build draft
Some Standard Sections:
Your design is unique which may mean that we change which sections we include for your site.
Why the business matters to its customers
What the business does
How this business does it better than the competition
Testimonials from customers
Contact Us
Find us on social media
Review draft with client

Single Page Websites

Also referred to as Starter Websites or Landing Pages, these take an average of 2 hours onboarding and project management, 2 hours of customer journey and art direction, and 6-8 hours of design time.
When bundled with our Managed Website Hosting service, the setup cost will include the first 2 hours of design.
Timeline: 3 weeks from content delivery

Multi-page Websites

For sites that are 5 pages or fewer and bundled with our Managed Website Hosting service, the setup cost will include the first 2 hours of design.
Multi-page sites are often 3-5 pages or on larger websites can grow to hundreds of pages. In situations where there are more than 5 pages, we will build page designs. Page designs are reused, e.g. a blog post will have it’s own design, but will be used over and over again. This often applies to pages such as services, where there are multiple services, but we will utilize one design or layout. The larger the website, the longer customer journey work can take if a customer journey is required for each page.
Timeline: 6-8 weeks from content delivery on sites with 5 pages or fewer. Larger sites can take 8-12 weeks or longer. Your Project Manager will set appropriate timelines in this case.
Here is what that time typically looks like for a site with 5 pages or fewer:
10 business days from content delivery: homepage mock-ups review
5 business days from homepage mock-up review: update review
10 business days from mock-up approval: website review
5 business days from website review: update review
3 business days from update review: Final touches complete and website ready to launch

Refreshing Websites

For single page websites and websites with 5 or fewer pages, a website refresh is handled similarly, respectively. There is an average of 2 hours additional onboarding, support, and project management, however. For larger website refreshes, see our Web Development deliverable doc.

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