Paid Ads Management 

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Paid Ads are monitored and optimized twice weekly, typically Monday and Friday.  

Ad Campaign Monitoring 

Alerts, Notifications, and Warnings 

We monitor all account and campaign level alerts for any issues. These alerts could include things such as billing issues or Terms Of Service agreements. 

Landing Pages 

All landing pages are checked for technical and design related issues. 

Conversion Tracking 

Any sudden increase or decrease in conversions could indicate an issue on different levels of the campaign, landing pages, and tracking setup. 

Change History 

Campaign history is checked to ensure that no changes have been made to the campaigns that were not notated in Google Analytics, or any changes that could have been made that will negatively affect the campaigns performance. 

Optimizing Ad Campaigns 

Google Recommendations 

Google makes recommendations for currently active campaigns that can help the performance of that campaign. These recommendations are not always accurate due to the fact that recommendations are made using an AI/ML algorithm. Each recommendation is checked and implemented manually when believed to have a positive impact on the campaign. 

Search Terms 

Due to the way that broad and modifier keywords work, ads may be displayed to users searching for terms that are not relevant to their target audience. Search Terms show us exactly what the audience searched for when the ad was clicked. We use these terms to create a forever updated list of negative keywords. 

Auction Insights and Placement 

Auction insights are monitored, when a large decrease in positioning is detected we determine the reasoning behind why, and take any actions necessary to improve the campaign ads positioning. 

Daily Spend Maximization 

We monitor the daily ad spend and ensure that the available budget is not drained before the end of the day, this could indicate the need for budget changes, or targeting optimisations. 

Optimization With Demographics 

We monitor who is clicking on the ads based on demographic and segment data. Budget allocation is updated between segments and demographic data - decreasing for less converting segments, and increasing for segments more likely to convert. 

Further Optimizations 

Each industry is different and requires us to learn about that industry to help us make intelligent decisions on the best ways to optimize a campaign. Landing pages content and layout, ad targeting, budget allocation, and other points need to be constantly updated based on our and our client’s knowledge of the industry. 
Key performance indicators can be different depending on the business and industry, different optimization methods may be necessary depending on the goals and needs of that business. 
Shifting trends in an industry may also help us to decide what optimizations need to be completed. 

Tracking Results 

Notations in Google Analytics 

All significant changes made to an ad campaign are notated in Google Analytics. This gives us a clear indication of any major changes both positive and negative in a campaign's performance due to changes we have made. 


Paid Ads Budget 

There are two options for funding a Paid Ads budget: 
Self Funded 
Trust Funded 

Self Funded 

This option requires having a CC on file with the ad networks i.e. Google AdWords and maintain a minimum balance as your budget allows within these networks.  

Trust Funded 

Adopt the Web can invoice you for your total monthly Paid Ads budget and hold that money in a trust account assigned exclusively to your business for the sole purpose of ad spend. This is a convenient option for several reasons: 
Hassle free - never worry if a balance is maintained 
Streamlined records - every transaction represents ad spend only 
Balance retention - if a balance isn’t used it is retained for later use 
Cover additional costs - use balance to cover management costs et al 
There is a 2.9% + 30¢ fee per invoice if paid online. There are no fees for utilizing a trust funded account (card is issued via Stripe card issuing). 

Ad Management Costs 

Our management costs for any new campaign cover third-party integrations, assets, reporting, and creatives as a part of the deliverable. 
$650 minimum / first month for up to 5 hours 
$325 minimum / second month and moving forward for up to 2.5 hours 
$125 / for each additional hour  
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