WordPress Themes & Plugins 

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We have chosen several themes and plugins to include in our tool chest for fast development and production of WordPress. Additionally, we extend premium licensing to our clients as a part of our hosting or design / development services - that means we save our clients on fees for additional licensing. 

Approved Plugins 

Approved  Themes / Page Builders 


Divi Engine / Body Commerce   [deprecated] 

Divi by Elegant Themes 

A modern theme builder and framework, Divi is the most widely used WordPress theme builder on the internet.  Learn more  

Divi Themes / Layouts 

Why we use Divi 

Ease of use by our designers 
Ease of use by our content creators 
Ease of use by our clients 
Ease of portability 
Widely supported with tons of documentation and plugins 
Lower cost of production for everyone 
Divi Overview 

Beaver Builder 

Our choice for large eCommerce websites or sites with complex data requirements, Beaver Builder gives us more flexibility in website development with WordPress. Learn more  

BB Themes / Layouts 

Why we use Beaver Builder 

Developer friendly and well documented 
Clean code, stable platform, tons of ways to build 
Widely supported with lots of powerful third-party plugins 
Great for larger sites with complex data 

Other Third-party Themes 

We can work with any theme like Elementor or Genesis, or develop one from the ground up. Notwithstanding our recommendations above, we love themes like Salient by Themenectar  and have licensing for many popular themes.  Just ask us about a theme  :)  
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