Search Optimization 

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Site Optimization*  

Once the website design is completed, we will optimize the site for speed based on this Software Performance Optimization SOP . 
If the SEO Audit deliverable is included,  we will also optimize the content according to this Website Content Performance Optimization SOP . 

Analytics & Search Console Integration 

This deliverable connects your new website to Google Analytics and Google Search Console. That will allow you to pull detailed reports on user behavior and site performance through your google account.  

SEO Keyword Review 

This deliverable is highly recommended if you want Adopt the Web’s experts to write the copy for your website design. To complete this deliverable we will evaluate the keywords you are currently ranking for and identify new keywords that your website could rank for. This allows us to ensure that the copy is search engine friendly and will provide your team with a report of useful keywords for your website moving forward.  
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