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About Checkins

What are checkins in the platform?

Checkins describe something you did for your customer. Checkins include a brief, specific, and detailed text description, and they can include a photo, or a video.
Anything you can do for your customer, can be the subject of a checkin. Anything you do that makes you or your company better at what you do, can be the subject of a checkin. A checkin might describe the installation of a new appliance, an open house for a new real estate listing, an annual dental cleaning and checkup, a pizza delivered for the big game, a seminar on new construction standards you attended, or the completion of this year's tax filing.
Your employees create checkins and they can be created from our mobile apps, or from our admin web site. When you create a checkin, that checkin gets location tagged so it can provide hyperlocal ranking value. When you checkin through the mobile apps, the pin drops where you're standing. When you checkin through the admin web site, you choose where the pin should be dropped by providing the customer address.

How would different types of businesses checkin?

Every business that does business on the local level wouild benefit from using the platform to help them rank, for what they do, everywhere they have customers and prospects.
But different types of business can use the platform to create checkins in different ways.
A service area business, that sends their employees out to customers, would most likely use our mobile apps to checkin. They would checkin from job sites, and leave a breadcrumb trail of rich hyperlocal checkins everywhere they've worked.
A brick and mortar business that typically has customers come to them would most likely use our web site to checkin. They would checkin from their main office, or wherever they have access to a web browser and the internet. And they would 'throw' the checkins out to where the customer came from to get hyperlocal ranking value where the prospects and customers are, rather than stack them on the main office.
A delivery or ecommerce business that ships or delivers things to their customers. They would also checkin from their main office, or wherever they have access to a web browser and the internet. And they would 'throw' the checkins out to where the delivery is going to be made to get hyperlocal ranking value where the prospects and customers are, rather than stack them on the main office.
Then there are companies that sometimes work from the field, and sometimes work in a central location. Attorneys, real estate agents, financial planners, home health care aides. These clients can use either the mobile apps, or the admin web site, to checkin based on what makes the most sense at any given time.
Hosting an open house for a new listing? Use the mobile app. Consulting with a client over the phone? Use the admin web site.
And, of course, each company can make a workflow choice whatever type of business they may be. Perhaps a service area company would rather have someone in the home office handle checkin duties, rather than the techs in the field. That's entirely up to them.

What are the benefits of checkins?

Each checkin provides a great relevant piece of content you can integrate into your website, complete with location tagging (schema), media like photos and videos, and more. This will help you rank better for the things you do (what the checkins describe) and the places you do them (where the checkins are tagged). In regular organic search, in video search, and in image search. And it will help improve rankings for your own website, bringing the leads straight to you.
Each checkin also gives you a context to ask for a review, and a location for each review when your customers provide them.
In addition to integrating your checkins into your website, you can also share them out to your social and professional media to bring more relevant and intresting content to your business profiles on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more.

Checkin best practices

Checkin everytime

Frequency and volume of new relevant content on your site matters – more content, more often, is more effective.
The more often the search crawlers see your site has been updated, the more frequently they will return, and the better your site will perform.
Consider doing both before and after checkins and in-progress or project detail checkinsfor complex jobs.
Checkin from sales calls, and warranty visits.
You control how many checkins your team publishes, and how good they are!

Checkin everywhere

Your checkins automatically pick up detailed location information – and help drive your brand in those locations.
The platform builds your brand not just where you have an address – but in every place you deliver services or product from which you draw customers.
Get the mobile app into the hands of as many of your field staff as possible – whether they are executing, or selling. If you work from a central office, checkin about every customer interaction.
You control how big your marketing footprint will be and how quickly you fill it in!

Checkin well

Every checkin is a fresh opportunity to grab attention for keywords, products, services, and locations that power your business.
Your checkins will be your most frequent opportunity to highlight relevant terms, keywords, services, techniques, and brands that will drive the right kind of attention. They also offer you the opportunity to get attention for things that go wider and deeper than the keywords you are directly targeting with your marketing campaigns.
Make sure you and your team familiarize yourselves with the Elements of a Good Checkin. Make sure your checkins take advantage of every opportunity, and include photos or videos wherever possible!

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